#75 Hard 53 working Days

Today I started the 75 day challenge, first day is completed.

Two 45 min workouts, one of which has to be outdoors. I went to my gym and for a walk this morning.

The City of San Francisco has districts where second chance employees are allowed to work, such as someone who may have just been released from prison. These people are grateful for the employment and happy to do the work that no one wants to do, making San Francisco clean and beautiful. I felt an enormous sense of gratitude for my life and my skill set to preform my job,

In between I had to restructure one loan to a FHA purchase from a conventional financing. The buyer originally was going to pay some stuff off to keep their bottom ratio (that’s all debt including housing ) under 45% but home needs repairs, so we are going to not pay some stuff off and go FHA. Fha is flexible with the ratios , I have pushed a bottom to 55% before, let’s see .

Then I had to quote a VA refinance cash out in Sacramento. Property value of 480k 677 credit score loan amount of 384k interest rate of 2.5%, 2.781% APR NO lender fees.

Drinking a gallon of water is a challenge! Food is a challenge, I love donuts. I love fried food. I love carbs. Christmas is going to be great, 75 days from now, 53 working days. Since it is 53 working days, I just decided that I want to do a 53 loans till Christmas, Do you need to purchase or refinance? Call me 415-369-7337 or apply online at https://christophermarrs.floify.com/apply-now .

My friend, Jennifer Maki Loskamp of Coldwell Banker in Carmel by the Sea, gave me this book and work book as a birthday present, as I just turned 40. I have read this book before however this is an updated version with new interviews and just interesting insight. Read 10 pages which were basically an introduction today.

That is a wrap for Day One of the 75 day challenge.

Thank you for reading.

Christopher Marrs, Broker

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