Open House This Weekend Sunday 12-5 Pm

This weekend, I will be opening up this amazing deal in San Francisco !

Apply online right now for NO LENDER FEES, NO APPRAISAL FEES (LENDER CREDIT FOR APPRAISAL) and other concessions available until Sunday at 5pm. Call 415-36-7337 for details.

This would be a great investment property. Check out the downstairs below…

Here is the link to Apply

Here is the disclosures to the property

Here is some Picutres:

Here is some payment options:

Purchase Price $1,200,000.00 ( Lets make an offer! )

Payment Options:

Down Payment: $264,000
ARM Fixed for 7 years adjusts every six months after, amortized over 30

Rate: 2.625%/ 2.863%
$3,759.45 Principal and Interest

30 YR FIXED ($264,000 Down)
$3821.14 Principal and Interest
Rate: 2.75 %/ 2.783%**

30 YR JUMBO WITH 20% DOWN ($240,000)
2.99 %/3.024 APR

Taxes and Insurance a month:
$1250 Taxes
$350 Insurance

**Total Fees:$14,084.34 (General Estimate, this is based on a 800 Fico SCORE, not to be used as a commitment or actual loan estimate)

Origination Fee :$9,360.00
Processing Fee $500.00
Underwriting Fee$999.00
B. Services You Cannot Shop For$1,250.50
Life of Loan Tax Service
Paid to: CoreLogic Tax Services$68.00
Flood Life of Loan Coverage
Paid to: Address Name: Flood Company$5.00
Flood Determination Fee
Paid to: Address Name: Flood Company$8.00
Credit Monitoring Service
Paid to: Factual Data$4.50
Appraisal Fee
Paid to: Amrock, LLC$915.00
Appraisal Management Services
Paid to: Amrock, LLC$250.00
C. Services You Can Shop For$3,389.00
Title-Settlement or Closing Fee
Paid to: Address Name: Closing Agent$1,100.00
Title-Notary’s Fees
Paid to: Address Name: Closing Agent$125.00
Title-Lenders Title Policy
Paid to: Address Name: Title Company$2,114.00
Title-Endorsement-ALTA 8.1
Paid to: Address Name: Title Company$25.00
Tax Certification Fee
Paid to: Amrock Title California Inc.$25.00
E. Taxes and Other Government Fees$91.00
Recording Fee-Deed
Paid to: San Francisco County Assessor-Recorder$20.00
Recording Fee-Mortgage
Paid to: San Francisco County Assessor-Recorder$71.00
H. Other$1,359.00
Title-Owner’s Title Policy (optional)
Paid to: Address Name: Title Company$1,359.00

Any questions on this property, give me a call at 415-369-7337

Christopher Marrs, Broker

DRE LIC #01462591, NMLS#1927227

Bay Area Mortgage Group NMLS# 1082110